Erick Sodhi Photography

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If you can't find a photo on this site but have seen it on my Facebook page, contact me if you'd like to purchase it as a download, a print for your home or office, or printed on merchandise such as mugs, tiles, jigsaw puzzles and myriad other media.

Digital images that you purchase are licensed for personal use only (you can't resell them or sell merchandise on which they're printed). You can use them for social media profile and cover pictures, for example, or for creating prints to give to family and friends. Bands, you can also use them on printed tickets and flyers.

If you wish to use my images on merchandise that you plan on selling (t-shirts, CDs, posters, magnets...anything tangible), please contact me for licensing terms and pricing.

Note: the watermarks you see on the images will not appear on any images you buy, either printed or digital.


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